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lavendarlizard @ 01:07 pm: Monday Banshee
Why is there always something I *have* do, that interferes with what I *want* to do? Why, because that's the way the world works! I should know that by now, but it keeps escaping me... I cleaned the entire house last week; bathrooms, kitchen, rangetop, everything. Did either of the guys notice? Of course not. Did they try not to make a mess on my clean stove and kitchen floor? Of course not. RM made pasta. With marinara. On the stovetop. *facepalm* We all know how tomato sauce reacts to direct heat. Yeah. So the rangetop is no longer clean and I had to wipe up a sploosh of marinara from the floor. >.< No wonder I really, really, *really* hate housecleaning.

Probably doesn't help that the cats got into an argument over who gets all the wet food and spread kibble all over the floor. *sigh* Clearly, they need a deeper dish. Silly felis horribilis. ^___^ Wish I could get them to hop into the mop bucket and roll around on the tile. *snork!*

BFB – Part 099 – Sticks and Stones

He had to wait only a few minutes. Other people came into the shop, glancing curiously at him as they ordered, and much excited whispering went on over the counter with the proprietress. He thought at one point that he heard the name "Heero Yuy" mentioned, but it went by so fast he wasn't sure.

Then a group of children in the street began jumping up and down and squealing and pointing. A moment later a Wyvern landed in one of those close-quarters drop-like-a-rock-and-swap-ends maneuvers. The children chattered and bounced and managed to bow respectfully before scampering on down the street.

The shop patrons arranged themselves to best advantage and bowed as if choreographed, as the tall, mottled orange and gold Dragon stalked into the coffee shop. Duo didn't recognize the color pattern, but then he rather doubted that he would ever be able to tell all the Wyverns apart by pattern. The Wyvern halted before him and bowed deeply. Duo blinked and started to return the bow, but the creature hissed at him softly.

"No, no," it breathed for his ears only. "You do not bow to me, Lord Banshee; you are Chosen."

He didn't understand, but he certainly wasn't going to argue with a nine-foot tall Dragon.

"Okay," he breathed back.

The Dragon took his hand and drew him to his feet and under a protective wing, then turned to the proprietress of the shop. It said something in the local tongue and the woman bowed deeply. As they turned to leave, the Dragon waved a hand and, in a cascade of theatrical light, the interior of the shop was cleaned and renewed; the paint freshened, the ages-old wear of the wooden floors and walls vanished, the elderly plants replaced by lush new foliage, the furniture and fixtures returned to just-bought status and even the woman's apron was crisp and new again.

Then they were outside and the Dragon was scooping him up and launching into the air.

Duo clung tightly, not altogether trusting the strange Dragon, even though he knew he was being silly.

"Is it far to the Clanhold?" he asked after a couple of minutes.

"Only about ten minutes as the Wyvern flies," the Dragon smirked. "You managed to get very close for a first try."

Duo shook his head in embarrassment. "I wasn't trying; it just... happened. My teleporting is wildly random. It mostly only works when I get really upset. And then I end up... wherever," he sighed.

"So I've heard." The Dragon glanced down at the Banshee. "I'm not sure if this counts in the pool. Doesn't matter to me; my date isn't for three months."

"Pool? Date?" What the hell...?

"The betting pool on when you would port yourself to the Clanhold."

Duo stared up at the chuckling Dragon. "You guys are betting on me?!"

"Yes. It's highly probable that, if it's decided that this is close enough, Rigel is going to be insufferable for the next month. Today was his day."

Duo's mouth dropped open.

"But I got to collect you, so I'm one up on that score. Ah, I forgot; we haven't been introduced. I am Algol; Rigel is my brother."

Duo blinked. "Oh. Um... nice to meet you. I can't get over you betting on me..." He shook his head. "Does Heero know about this?"

"Of course not; he'd hurt us. The IchiBan knows; we wouldn't be allowed to do it without her permission. Her date is later this month, though, so she may decide this didn't count."

Duo gaped at him. "Geez..." he murmured finally. "I'm a pool..."

"We are ever on the look-out for amusements," Algol snickered.

"Obviously... Um... What was that magic in the coffee house? The sparkles..."

"When one of the native Humans does us a favor we repay them in some way. Faiesa said I should make it good." He flicked his tongue in a smirky way. "I think Faiesa is familiar with the proprietress' mother. They make a great espresso."

"You buy coffee there?"

"In my other form; yes. We don't make a habit of wandering amongst the Humans in this form. It's better for all concerned if they maintain a bit of awe. We visit Su Ryu often; it's the home village, but Kin-cho is the big city." He chuckled briefly.

They were flying beneath the cloud cover, skimming just above the treetops; they swooped up and over a small hill and the Clanhold opened out below them. Duo couldn't help a small gasp and came close to tears; the sensation of home-coming was so strong. Several other Wyverns circled close, calling out questions or greetings to Algol. Duo didn't understand the replies, but the toothy grins were clear enough.

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Date:September 15th, 2015 12:32 am (UTC)
I'm beginning to love all the Wyverns. They are sweet and fun. A betting pool huh? Not really surprised. Duo's reaction to The clanhold should be another clue as to where and to whom he belongs.
[User Picture]
Date:September 19th, 2015 03:45 pm (UTC)
He's already decided; just hasn't told himself yet. ^___^

The Clan finds Duo charming and adorable, but they won't embarrass him by saying that. Instead, the little "pool" thing. ^__^*
[User Picture]
Date:September 20th, 2015 01:12 pm (UTC)
We used to do betting pools when babies were born.... it was oddly mortifying to be on the wrong side of the pool. o_O Poor Duo.
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Date:September 20th, 2015 04:20 pm (UTC)
Heh. A couple places I worked did that, too, but all very hush-hush under the table. Unauthorized gambling on a military installation, you know.


At least they could only do it to you once. O.^ Imagine if you were a Duggar. O_O

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