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September 14th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 01:07 pm: Monday Banshee
Why is there always something I *have* do, that interferes with what I *want* to do? Why, because that's the way the world works! I should know that by now, but it keeps escaping me... I cleaned the entire house last week; bathrooms, kitchen, rangetop, everything. Did either of the guys notice? Of course not. Did they try not to make a mess on my clean stove and kitchen floor? Of course not. RM made pasta. With marinara. On the stovetop. *facepalm* We all know how tomato sauce reacts to direct heat. Yeah. So the rangetop is no longer clean and I had to wipe up a sploosh of marinara from the floor. >.< No wonder I really, really, *really* hate housecleaning.

Probably doesn't help that the cats got into an argument over who gets all the wet food and spread kibble all over the floor. *sigh* Clearly, they need a deeper dish. Silly felis horribilis. ^___^ Wish I could get them to hop into the mop bucket and roll around on the tile. *snork!*

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August 13th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 01:22 pm: Thursday Banshee
I have an excuse! Really! Truck had a hairball and then I tried to cripple myself last week. ^___^ I haven't skinned my knees since I was... seven? Maybe eight. Oh wait, the last time I was on a skateboard. >_> Stupid thing. I did it again last week in the most ridiculous way - I fell off a handicap ramp on the sidewalk. *sigh* I've got the disgusting bloody knee and the incredible *pain* when walking, which leads right to the damn limp. I'd show y'all a picture, but you might be eating... *shakes head* I can still bloody myself like a pro, apparently. ^___^

So, a bit more of 099... Enjoy. And watch out for the treacherous handicap ramps. O_~

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July 28th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 12:07 pm: Tuesday Banshee
Three weeks, dammit. Still a work in progress, it seems. ^___^

Nothing to say, really. Enjoy!

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July 8th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 12:24 pm: Wednesday Banshee
Well, I borked my eight days thing, but not horribly. ^___^

Between the cat and the extra, freshly-sharpened knife yesterday, I'm probably lucky it's only a day late. Kitty-Puss does not like the vacuum. He *seriously* does not like the vacuum. >.< I fired it up yesterday to suck up a ridiculous amount of cat fur - I swear they wait until after I vacuum and then blow coat behind every door in the house - hiding behind the bedroom and bathroom doors and KP reacted like I was planning on vacuuming *him*. Straight up in the air, 180-degree rotation, and broke the land speed record for disappearing. Couldn't find him, couldn't find him; told the RM when he got home to be on the lookout. No sign of the cat. Until 2300 when he oozed out from under the sofa. The sofa that is *two* inches off the floor. O_O The cat who weighs 21 pounds of pure muscle. I know they can flatten out, but seriously?! Meanwhile, after the cat vanished, I was slicing limes for salsa and failed to remove my finger from proximity with the knife - freshly-sharpened! - and almost took the end of my index finger off. *headdesk* Didn't feel a thing, because the knife was really sharp; I was alerted by the sudden appearance of blood. >_< I know better than that. Really I do. O.o

Still doesn't hurt - thank you antibiotic cream w/anesthesia - but I learned today that it's still ready to bleed if looked at cross-eyed and also, it is next to impossible to open a band-aid if the paper cover gets wet. *sigh* At least back in the days of the little red pull string down the length of the packaging you could get the thing slapped on before bloody-ing the entire sink. >_> I just cleaned the damn bathroom, too.

Anyway... That's my stupid dragon trick of the week. ^___^ I hope.

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June 29th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 11:35 am: Chibi Monday
I got nothing right now. Brain has melted, apparently, or maybe the humidity got in. =P


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lavendarlizard @ 11:11 am: Monday Banshee
I may be on some kind of a roll here. O.O Or maybe I just don't feel like vacuuming... Definitely not going to try to stuff antibiotics into a cat who's whole body says "NO!!!" I now know that antibiotic liquid dries crusty on fur. And this cat apparently can blow coat at will. >_> *bleh*

Whatever is happening, I'm gonna keep it up as long as possible. ^___^

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June 21st, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 10:55 am: Sunday Banshee
It's *hot* here; have I mentioned that since last fall? Yeah, it's *hot* here. >_<

I knew I shouldn't have been strutting last week - this week's to-do list isn't finished yet. *sigh* Only two things left - which will be one as soon as I post this - but the mopping is going onto next week's list, dammit. >_> Mostly because I haven't had the heart to disturb three cats making like roadkill on the nice cool tile floor. Also thinking of joining them... O_o

Anyway. ^___^

A bit of Trowa and Wufei. ^__^ And a guest.

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June 13th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 02:01 pm: Saturday Banshee
Pardon me if I seem a bit insufferable today. ^__^ I started my week with a 'to-do' list about half a mile long, and I just finished my next-to-last item. Granted some of the tasks were things I do all the time, but I'm trying to build a habit here. Posting this is my final accomplishment for the week. ^__~ (now watch, my internet and/or computer will choke on something)

Almost didn't make it, though; my new kitty, Sir Squalls-a-Lot, insisted on being picked up and lounging in my lap. Now, he won't just sit on my lap, he insists that I pick him up and hold him on his back and rub his belly so he can do the kneading thing to my hand. After 20 minutes, my hand gets tired and down he has to go. ^___^ So, he's under my table with his head on my fuzzy slipper and grumbling under his breath.

I love cats. ^___^

I am also uncomfortably amused by Farq. ^___^

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June 5th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 12:19 pm: Friday Banshee
Annnnnd... we're back. All shiny and new. ^__^ Poor laptop has been retired for emergencies only and the everyday load now resides on a refurbed Dell desktop. I gotta say, this is my fourth one and every one of them has been a workhorse. If I need something portable, I'll probably try a tablet. But not for a while.

A bit further on in Farq's story today. ^___^ Poor guy always makes me feel sorry for him. Kinda.


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April 28th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 11:33 am: Finally got my laptop back after a weekend of "wash, bleach, condition, fluff-dry and fold". The blue-screen thing seems to exist on a kind of spiral; not exactly fixed, but also not really fixable and happening at ever-shorter intervals. Techs told me to start shopping for a new laptop sooner rather than later, dammit. AMD chips are apparently what used to be called "over-clocked" and run hot. Short lifespan. Wish someone had told me that before. Then again, I never asked. O_o

At least now I seem to be culturing the backing-up habit. It's still in its infancy, but I have a sticky reminder at the top of my screen and a calender reminder in my email. And a dragonet who asks if I've done my backup every Friday. ^__^ If not, I get a lecture. Sap, he is so damn adorable. *snicker*

And a bonus! Two posts in one month! Be still my heart... ^___^

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