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Spandex & Braids

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March 30th, 2016

lavendarlizard @ 02:02 pm: Wednesday Chibi
I'm still being kicked around by my ISP, but as they're the only game in town right now, I'm stuck with them. Doesn't excuse this long a delay, though. I guess all that is just me, the over-melodramatic dragon. Short bit, but more next month. ^___^ (see? i'm not making impossible promises; a month is doable)

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March 7th, 2016

lavendarlizard @ 12:46 pm: Monday Chibi
Did it again, didn't I? Totally lost track of Chibi. *shakes head* Apparently my brain is still broken. *sigh* This is really short, but I've already made myself a note (sticky on the monitor) to be a little quicker with the next part. Okay, a *lot* quicker. ^___^

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lavendarlizard @ 12:36 pm: Monday Banshee
Huh. I have apparently never posted Banshee on Monday before. Wow. O.o Well, here ya go, then.


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January 30th, 2016

lavendarlizard @ 10:54 am: Saturday Banshee
Today's ruminations will concern the driving habits of the common California asshole. The rule is still that if you have your windshield wipers on, you have your headlights on also. Not just your parking lights (which are illegal to run with on public streets) or your fancy aux lights. Would someone please advise the assholes of that? It's considered bad form as well as bad karma to rooster tail pedestrians. Especially when laughing. Nobody likes a dick. High beams do nothing in the rain, except to blind on-coming drivers. If you blind one driving a vehicle bigger than yours, you might just become intimately acquainted with a ditch. If you're kissing my bumper when we're stopped at a light, on a hill, just know that I will roll backwards in the microsecond between leaving the brake and getting on the gas. It's called a clutch, twit-wit; assume everyone has one. And no, I will not do the 'clutch heel toe' maneuver. I gave that up 40 years ago.

Thank you. We will now rejoin our fic. ^___^

BFB – Part 099.48 – Ii Kibarashi – I can handle Heero; why?Collapse )

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January 26th, 2016

lavendarlizard @ 05:14 am: Tuesday Banshee
Wow. Busy month. It sucks to get old(er); seems like every doctor in the county is stalking me. >_> I have grown to hate the phrase "you've reached the age..." Um, yeah. Seems to be a polite way of saying your warranty has run out. =P

But anyway... New shoes fix everything. ^__^ New bags! New summer tanks! Energy to chum all the things! I'm thinking of washing the windows next week. Power washing will knock the crap off, but it doesn't really clean. Jumbo roll of paper towels, new bottle of Windex and I'm set. ^__~

This is the last bit of part 99; kinda long, but I hope everyone likes it. ^___^

BFB – Part 099 – Sticks and StonesCollapse )

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January 8th, 2016

lavendarlizard @ 05:27 pm: Friday Banshee
Happy El Nino. ^__~ Now that it's actually stopped for a day or two, and I've had a chance to wring out the plants and mop up the muddy footprints, things look pretty decent. I had to move Sandy (see picture) since he seemed to be trying to strangle Fippert, but they're at opposite ends now, so hopefully no more of that. The spiders can take care of themselves and the other snakes (large and small) seem much more laid back. I worry about the cactus, though. He's looking kind of puny. He and his buddy, the hen and chicks, have probably had more rain than they needed for the whole year, so they're tucked back under the eaves now. ^___^

Roommate has been properly chastized about using the doormat. Kid has been reminded not to actually step into puddles in his sneakers. *sigh* He'll be getting a pair of wellies in about a week. >_>

My cats have decided that rain is Not Amusing and they are over it. They seem to be a little peeved that it hasn't gone away yet. ^___^

No clogged gutters here, but then we have angled roofs, so not such a danger. Store downtown had a section of roof cave in during the last storm. I can't help wonder if their drains were cleaned out. ^__^

Oh, yes indeed, California does absolutely get 'seasons'. They're just not the same ones the rest of the country gets... ^__o


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January 2nd, 2016

lavendarlizard @ 04:58 pm: Saturday Banshee
I am still at the mercy of the ISP and it seems to find it amusing to watch me scream and kick the mothering wall. >.<

This is my third try, so maybe it'll 'take' and maybe I'll be on the phone threatening disembowelment with a plastic spork. >_>

N-E-way... Another bit of hoof-in-mouth for Duo. ^___^ Eventually, he'll grow out of that. Maybe.

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October 28th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 10:59 am: Wednesday Banshee
Interesting month... Spent the beginning of this week watching the pavers slurry and seal the parking lot. Kind of cool, really. I'm glad it hasn't been holycrap-hot. Playing with hot asphalt in summer temps is just horrifying to me. I hope they make decent money, at least. Had to park in the grocery lot Monday and Tuesday night, but so did everyone else who lived in my section. ^___^ Akachan felt right at home. I shifted him back yesterday once they'd done the parking lines. Looks nice. Yeah, I am interested in that kind of crap; never know when it will surface as a plot device or even a side moment.

Doing pretty well with my yarning, too. I find it easy to crochet/knit when I'm watching Hulu and I've been catching up on all kinds of stuff I missed not having cable TV for a few years. Current favs are Scream Queens, Flash, Elementary and iZombie. My 'finished' pile is actually growing. ^__^ Wow.

Another bit... enjoy. ^__~

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October 15th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 02:43 pm: Thursday Banshee
So far, October is being fairly civilized. Way better than August and September. I'm still knocking on wood products, though. And offering Murphey chocolate and (ick) beer. ^__^

Maintenance came around swapping out the old incandescent light-bulbs for LED bulbs, old shower heads for spiffy new water-saving ones and recharging the air conditioners. The bulbs and the shower I expected, but the recharging of the a/c was a total O_O for me. I had no idea that home units needed re-freoning (or whatever the new stuff is called) periodically, just like the car's a/c. Talk about a difference, too! It's keeping the house cool! Wow. Don't mind the electric bill quite so much now... ^___^

Anyway, everything is kind of spiffy now. Hope it lasts through the holidays. ~__^

Here we have the next partlet. Enjoy.

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September 14th, 2015

lavendarlizard @ 02:11 pm: Monday Chibi
Oof! I did not realize how long it's been since I posted any Chibi. O_O I guess kind of getting my BFB mojo back has blinded me to everything else. Well, that's my excuse, anyway. ^___^

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