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Spandex & Braids

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lavendarlizard @ 02:43 pm: Thursday Banshee
So far, October is being fairly civilized. Way better than August and September. I'm still knocking on wood products, though. And offering Murphey chocolate and (ick) beer. ^__^

Maintenance came around swapping out the old incandescent light-bulbs for LED bulbs, old shower heads for spiffy new water-saving ones and recharging the air conditioners. The bulbs and the shower I expected, but the recharging of the a/c was a total O_O for me. I had no idea that home units needed re-freoning (or whatever the new stuff is called) periodically, just like the car's a/c. Talk about a difference, too! It's keeping the house cool! Wow. Don't mind the electric bill quite so much now... ^___^

Anyway, everything is kind of spiffy now. Hope it lasts through the holidays. ~__^

Here we have the next partlet. Enjoy.

BFB – Part 099 – Sticks and Stones

They landed near the pond, in front of the elaborate chair that was the IchiBan's 'throne'. Giniro was waiting; her arms open to gather Duo in as if he were a long-lost child. Unexpectedly, his throat closed and he wrapped himself in her embrace with a barely-held "mama" trying to escape. This, he thought, is what it would have been like... if only...

"Little Banshee!" she laughed, squeezing him tightly. "If we had known you were coming, I would have arranged entertainment."

Duo swallowed and blinked himself back to reality and pulled back enough to grin at her. "If I had known I was coming," he smiled; "I'd have brought the entertainment with me! I need to call Heero; he's probably tap-dancing on a demon even as we speak."

"I'm sure the demon deserves it," she snorted. "But I will call. I would like to talk to you, though, before Heero claims you again."

Duo blinked. "Oh, sure! I just want to keep him from razing the whole Castle."

"Let's go inside; I think Toshi should have tea laid by now." One arm rested around his waist; her other hand produced a cellphone. Duo could hear the sharp greeting from the other end.

"Heero, stop snarling, dear; I have your Banshee. He is fine. No, give me a little time with him; he will call you when you may retrieve him. Of course."

She handed the phone to Duo and left him alone with his anxious Wyvern.


"Angel...? What happened?" He sounded much calmer than Duo expected.

Duo sighed. "I got pissed at Zephyrus. And I ended up... well, here. I'm sorry, Heero; I didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't. I mean, not directly... We couldn't track you..."


"The porters couldn't find any trace of where you'd gone."

"Oh. Crap. Explains why no one came looking for me..." he muttered.

"You left your bag..."

"With my cellphone; yeah. Um... You didn't... you know... hurt Zephyrus... did you?"

"He was gone by time I got back. Q threatened him with me..."

"Oh. Farquahar?"

A deep sigh. "Still here."

"Okay. Zeph was being just... just hateful to him... That's what set me off, I think."

"That's what Q said..."

Duo sighed again. "I guess the IchiBan wants to talk to me..."

"So she said."

"Is that... um... You're okay with that?"

Curiosity. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I... um... disappeared."

"But I know where you are now, and I know you are safe."

Duo snorted softly. "You are hopeless."

"No; I am in love. Call me when you're ready to come home."

"I will." He closed the phone and stared at it for a moment. What an odd sensation... 'Come home...' To Heero. Something fluttered in his chest; it almost tickled. He had the strangest desire to giggle.

A Dragon loves me....

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Date:October 26th, 2015 04:08 pm (UTC)
Heero will never think of Farq as a friend, but in a few centuries he might come to like the idiot. ^__^

Awesome landlordy people have the pavers in this week to slurry the asphalt. Kind of a pain, because I have to park in the grocery store lot next door today and tomorrow. At least they're doing my area first, so we'll be good, even if it rains later this week. *HA!*
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