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Spandex & Braids

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lavendarlizard @ 10:59 am: Wednesday Banshee
Interesting month... Spent the beginning of this week watching the pavers slurry and seal the parking lot. Kind of cool, really. I'm glad it hasn't been holycrap-hot. Playing with hot asphalt in summer temps is just horrifying to me. I hope they make decent money, at least. Had to park in the grocery lot Monday and Tuesday night, but so did everyone else who lived in my section. ^___^ Akachan felt right at home. I shifted him back yesterday once they'd done the parking lines. Looks nice. Yeah, I am interested in that kind of crap; never know when it will surface as a plot device or even a side moment.

Doing pretty well with my yarning, too. I find it easy to crochet/knit when I'm watching Hulu and I've been catching up on all kinds of stuff I missed not having cable TV for a few years. Current favs are Scream Queens, Flash, Elementary and iZombie. My 'finished' pile is actually growing. ^__^ Wow.

Another bit... enjoy. ^__~

BFB – Part 099 – Sticks and Stones

Wufei ended the phone call with a sharp stab at the button and sighed. Nine port stations down, about twenty to go. Too bad none of these ingenious Mundane entrepreneurs had come up with a hands-free headset that would fit a Dragon in full phase. He huffed mildly and began to tap in the next number, using a claw as a stylus. The rest of the MIO were also making hurried phone or fire calls, looking for any sign of Duo and alerting the various stations to keep their eyes open. The ambient noise was rising – why were Wizards so damned noisy anyway – so he covered his free earhole so he could hear the voice on the other end. It took less than two minutes for Addis Ababa to inform him that no one had reported a strange creature within their bounds, but they would look around, and may Allah protect. With eyes rolling in place of a sigh, Wufei thanked Addis Ababa and moved on to the next country on his list, Kuwait. How come he got all the Middle East countries this time? He had enough trouble with the accents of the English speakers he dealt with every day; the Middle Eastern voices, speaking rapid, heavily-accented English forced him to listen so hard he was already getting a headache.

Again, Kuwait gave the same answer, the same closing; must be the Arabic version of “have a nice day”. He dialed the UAE next. Something nudged his leg and he nudged back companionably. Trowa wasn’t able to use the phone right now; he’d been placing fire calls.

UAE took a little longer; the Wizard he spoke with was not fluent in English so it took a bit of effort on both their parts. At one point he reached down and patted Trowa’s head. The Were-Puma was still beating himself up over failing to catch Duo; damn cat could be so hard on himself sometimes.

Hm. What had Trowa done to his fur? Why did it feel so... weird?

Wufei ended his call and glanced down, mouth opening to tell the Were-Puma that he really needed to change shampoo brands, and saw his paw resting easily on... Farquahar’s head. The demon crouched in a rough ball next to Wufei, sighing happily as Wufei’s talons scratched between his ragged ears.

For a few seconds, Wufei just stared as his paw moved automatically, front to back, on the top of the demon’s head. What. The. Fuck.

His brain caught up with his eyes and he sprang straight up in the air with a shriek, somersaulted twice and landed on all fours hissing like a furious cat, his talons digging furrows in the floor and his tail whipping with rage. Every spine and frill on his body stood straight out. The air was filled with streams of colored smoke.

Farquahar made a squeaky sound (like a rat, dammit!) and scuttled away to hide behind Q. “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” he babbled. “I’m sorry, Lord Dragon! Don’t hurt me!”

Heero had been speaking into his phone; he glared as Wufei shrieked and immediately realized what had happened. The damn demon had been shuffling around apologizing to everyone in sight ever since Heero arrived and the search began. Apparently he’d gotten a response from Chang. In spite of himself, Heero snickered as Wufei landed looking like a scalded cat and everyone turned to see what the problem was. Count on the Were-Dragon for comedy relief. Trowa came bounding over to try to soothe Wufei, Q began to assure Farquahar that he’d done nothing wrong, and Heero’s phone rang.

He growled into it impatiently and it replied, “Heero, stop snarling, dear; I have your Banshee.”

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Date:November 5th, 2015 06:52 pm (UTC)
Farq isn't the best judge of situations. ^__^

Don't feel bad; I'm two eps behind at the moment. Tho I did watch the Scream Queens last night. ^__^ It's all weird, cuz I was never a particular fan of horror or fun-horror back in the day. Bruce Campbell excepted, of course. ^___~
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