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Spandex & Braids

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lavendarlizard @ 04:58 pm: Saturday Banshee
I am still at the mercy of the ISP and it seems to find it amusing to watch me scream and kick the mothering wall. >.<

This is my third try, so maybe it'll 'take' and maybe I'll be on the phone threatening disembowelment with a plastic spork. >_>

N-E-way... Another bit of hoof-in-mouth for Duo. ^___^ Eventually, he'll grow out of that. Maybe.

BFB – Part 099 – Sticks and Stones

Formalities out of the way, the IchiBan dismissed the young Wyvern who had provided the tea, and turned to her grandson’s Chosen.

“I have heard about the incident with the demon. I understand that you were angry with Heero for sending you away from the scene.” Duo ducked his head in embarrassment. “I have also heard that you were ready to Choose him in order not to be sent away, should something like this happen again.”

Face flaming, Duo stared into his tea. “Tiffany said that I didn’t have... the standing yet to watch his back, because I haven’t Chosen him...” he said hesitantly. “But Heero wouldn’t even let me say the word when I told him... He said he didn’t want me Choosing until I was ready and sure I want him, not just because I’m scared.”

She patted his hand. “He’s right, little one. Choosing is not something done on a whim or out of fear.”

Duo lifted one shoulder, face still crimson. “I don’t think... it’s not exactly a ‘whim’... I do care for Heero; I just.... I don’t know what happened that day. Everything happened so fast... The guy was a demon, and Zephyrus showed up breathing fire and Heero practically threw me at Tiffany and said there might be trouble and she wouldn’t let me go back, and he didn’t come home, and didn’t come home.... I got scared and I got mad, and I thought if I Chose him, then he couldn’t do that to me again! He couldn’t treat me like a little kid! I know he’s a damn Dragon! Everybody says he’s practically invincible, but Zeph’s a demon! What if he could do something and hurt Heero?! And when Heero *did* finally get home, he acted like it was no big deal! And that made me madder. I was going to say that I Chose him and he acted like... like I’d begun a spell! He wouldn’t even let me *say* the word!” He stopped abruptly as he realized he was getting quite loud and Giniro was waggling her fingers to get his attention. She was also smirking. “Sorry,” he muttered, finding an interest in the bottom of his teacup. “I guess I’m not as over it as I thought I was.”

“You have very strong feelings, strong emotions, little one,” she said approvingly. “I haven’t seen anything to say that you are over-emotional or hysterical, like most Humans and some Magical Creatures. I would be more concerned if you had simply shrugged and gone to bed when Heero sent you home.”

Duo blushed again, faintly. “Good thing you weren’t there to see me; I think I was pretty hysterical. I kind of threw a temper tantrum...” he admitted. “I just don’t like... It’s not that I dislike him being concerned, but I’m not... I *can* take care of myself!” he managed finally. “It was only that one time... I know it was a pretty damn big one time, but still...” He sighed and sipped at his tea. “IchiBan... If I were a Wyvern, would he be this... twitchy about me? Is it because I’m weaker than he is?”

A flicker of something, some shadow, crossed her face, but Duo missed it.

“I think,” she said slowly, “that Heero would be just as protective if you were a Wyvern. Another male – Rigel or Algol or Kiba – might not be, but I believe Heero may be overly-conscious of the fact that you are not a Wyvern, as well as of his own mixed parentage.” She poured more tea for each of them. “Nikko was very aware that Tori was not as physically powerful as she. Don’t misunderstand me,” she said quickly, when Duo frowned. “His magic was quite strong; he was not by any means weak or helpless. But still...” She sighed and examined her teacup rather closely. “Power didn’t help; strength didn’t help; magic didn’t help. They still... died,” she whispered.

Duo could have smacked himself. Way to go, asshole, he snarled internally. A fine guest you are!

“IchiBan... I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to... to...”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Duo. I think about them often; it’s hard not to, you know?” She smiled and Duo found an interest in his napkin, just for a change. “I think perhaps you are confused or unsure of this ‘Choosing’ business,” she said briskly then, steering them away from those shoals. “Is that possible?”

He looked up, startled. He hadn’t thought of that; at least, not so clearly. He didn’t like being confused and this whole ‘Choosing’ thing was definitely confusing. Every time he tried to untangle how he felt about it, he just came up with clueless and stupid. Maybe that embarrassment was leading him away from an understanding instead of toward one? He didn’t like to publicize his intellectual failings; perhaps that was a mistake.

“I think it must be,” he admitted reluctantly. “I don’t understand it. I thought it was like Human marriage, but Heero’s so adamant that I be sure... And Humans get divorced all the time, so I kinda wondered...” He shrugged uncomfortably.

“If Choosing can also end in divorce?” He nodded minutely. “No, little Banshee; as far as I have seen, Chosen is forever. But it also doesn’t mean the same as Human marriage. As I understand that concept, it involves promises of exclusivity and ownership of one another. Being Chosen is closer to... to being a unified whole.” Giniro frowned slightly. “I am not explaining this properly. It is being best friends, partners, lovers, siblings, without the promises or declarations. I think.”

Duo blinked. “Um...”

“I’ve never Chosen, you see,” she said thoughtfully. “So what I know is second-hand.”

Duo swallowed. “So... we’re both sort of clueless?”

The IchiBan laughed. “I’m afraid we are! I’ve never thought about that before! Well! I will just have to recruit someone who isn’t clueless to enlighten us.”

“Recruit?” Oh crap. That meant someone else knowing he was an idiot. Great. Come on, ground; just open up and swallow me now...

She clapped her hands and Toshi appeared immediately. Giniro spoke to him in the Wyvern language and he bowed and then vanished as quickly as if he had teleported.

“We will bring in an expert,” she grinned. “And we can be clueless together!”

“Okay...” he agreed hesitantly. Not like he could refuse; the female could eat him for lunch. And he already felt silly. What was one more layer? He had already figured out that he wasn’t likely to die of embarrassment, regardless of how much he wished he could.

Not that he wanted to do that either. Dying would mean leaving Heero and that... well, that wasn’t in the cards for him. He just couldn’t seem to get inside the idea that Heero would be willing to spend a lifetime with *him*. If Wyverns could be said to have royalty, then surely Heero was a crown prince... and only in the Human-written fairy tales did the prince do “happily ever after” with the commoner.

That led him to wonder if at any time, in any place, among any of the Banshee Clans, there had been royalty. Elves and Faeries often had such distinctions, though mostly ceremonial in these more egalitarian times, but Duo had never heard of such among his Clan. He made a mental note to talk to Teal about this. Maybe it was part of his problem, this “Cinderella” notion.

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Date:January 3rd, 2016 09:41 pm (UTC)
You stayed on! Without spork, even! :D Poor Duo... just would rather be clueless than embarrassed. I SO understand. But Giniro isn't going to stand for that....
[User Picture]
Date:January 6th, 2016 11:34 am (UTC)
Barely. ^___^

No, Giniro must tackle any problem/question brought to her attention. ^__^ And Duo thinks Heero is focused...
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