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Spandex & Braids

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lavendarlizard @ 05:14 am: Tuesday Banshee
Wow. Busy month. It sucks to get old(er); seems like every doctor in the county is stalking me. >_> I have grown to hate the phrase "you've reached the age..." Um, yeah. Seems to be a polite way of saying your warranty has run out. =P

But anyway... New shoes fix everything. ^__^ New bags! New summer tanks! Energy to chum all the things! I'm thinking of washing the windows next week. Power washing will knock the crap off, but it doesn't really clean. Jumbo roll of paper towels, new bottle of Windex and I'm set. ^__~

This is the last bit of part 99; kinda long, but I hope everyone likes it. ^___^

BFB – Part 099 – Sticks and Stones

Bathroom! He could hide in the bathroom. And he had all that tea and the espresso as an excuse, if he needed one... He eased out of his place and slipped out of the room unnoticed and into the hallway. Toshi was seated at a tall desk a few meters away, apparently doing homework. He had a scroll laid out and was writing swiftly with a brush pen. He looked up as soon as Duo took a step toward him, and scrambled down from the stool.

“Banshee-San,” he said with a respectful bow. “How may I assist?” His English was very good.

“I was looking for the... bathroom?” There was another word or term, but he couldn’t remember at the moment.

“This way, Banshee-San.” He led the way down the hall and through another room, pausing at a familiar door. “HeeroYuy’s rooms. All ready, Banshee-San.”

“Thank you, Toshi. Um... Is there a telephone I could use? I don’t want to interrupt the IchiBan...”

“Hai. On the desk, Banshee-San.” He gestured to Heero’s room, then bowed deeply and faded back the way they’d come.

“Thank you!” Duo called after him, and pushed open the sliding door panel.

Heero’s bedroom; just as he remembered it. Yay. He made use of the attached facilities and then flopped onto a pillow beside the low desk and picked up the phone. Heero’s phone rang twice before it was answered.


“Heero, it’s me.”

“Angel...” His voice warmed and softened and Duo heard him moving. “Are you ready?”

Duo heaved a great sigh. “Heero, I love your grandmother and your Clan, but I am *so* ready to get out of here!”

“What’s wrong?” Sharper; protection mode.

“We were talking about Choosing...”

A growl. “I told her not to bring that up.”

“No, it’s okay; it wasn’t that, so much... Somehow, we got onto me not quite understanding the concept... Heero, she tried to explain Choosing to me and she couldn’t, because she said she’d never Chosen. So she called Algol and asked him to explain. He couldn’t. Then she summoned a pair of Wyverns, and they couldn’t give her an answer either! And just now, Kohaku called! Heero, she’s turning it into a multi-Clan mission!” He took a deep breath to calm himself, looking up at the formal kimono displayed on the wall above the desk. It was a beautiful thing, all deep emerald brocade with golden embroidery; he wondered if it had belonged to Heero’s mother or to his father. “There’re at least four Wyverns in the parlor right now, and I think she’s summoning more. Heero, this is getting a little scary; can you come get me?”

Heero growled an annoyed sigh. “I will come as soon as I can. Q called a brief meeting, but we’re almost finished. Fifteen minutes.”

“Great,” Duo breathed in relief. “I love them, but one intense Wyvern at a time is all I can handle!”

A rumbling chuckle. “We are rather daunting, I’m afraid. Where will I find you?”

He could stay hidden in the bedroom, but he could feel the intensity of the Wyverns on a mission through the very walls. “The koi pond; I think I need the calm.”

“I will find you there, angel. I love you.”

“Heero...” But the line was dead before he could decide how to reply. He sighed and put the phone down, then slipped out the outside door and into the garden.

The koi drifted lazily up to gaze at him when he sat down on the flat rock in the center of the pond.

A question followed that collective gaze. “They’re a little... intense,” he replied with a sigh. A burble of amusement surfaced, followed by agreement. “Do you mind if I wait here for Heero? I don’t have any food...” A feeling of welcome blended with satiation brushed against him. “Oh, you’ve already eaten? Thanks. I love the Clan, but sometimes they almost scare me,” he sighed again. Another question. “Oh, the IchiBan realized that she doesn’t understand Choosing, and apparently neither does anyone else, so she’s on a hunt for information.” A breath of thought that seemed to say “Ah.” Most of the beautifully-colored carp dispersed then, leaving a large jet koi. He bubbled the water for a moment, and Duo smiled. “Thanks. He should be here soon.”

After a moment, he stretched out on his side, dabbling his fingers in the water. A few of the fish drifted back to mouth his fingers playfully. No particular words or concepts came from them; they were just playing. This was nice, he decided, and wondered if there was any place like this at the Castle. The gardens there were beautiful and serene, but one always had the feeling that Master Khushrenada was lurking somewhere, just out of sight, to make sure they stayed that way. That Wizard was just crazy about his gardens.

Winters at the Castle were pretty cold; maybe too cold for koi... Unless a pond could be heated in the cold weather. Or did koi like cold water? They were carp, after all. Maybe he would look that up when he got home.

A soft throat-clearing brought him out of his musings. Toshi waited patiently on the next rock. When he saw that he had HeeroYuy’s (that was how he tended to think of the IchiBan’s grandson; as one awe-inspiring word) Banshee’s attention, he bowed and offered the large umbrella.

“Banshee-San, it is about to rain; this will cover the rock so that you will stay dry.”

Duo grinned and accepted the offering. “Thanks! I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the clouds. Um... Toshi, you don’t have to use ‘Banshee-San’ to me; my name is Duo.” The young Wyvern blinked and blushed.

“You are HeeroYuy’sChosen and a guest of the IchiBan; respect is required, Banshee-San.”

Duo pushed the button and popped the umbrella open. “Well, I guess if it’s required, I’ll have to put up with it,” he sighed. “But I don’t really like it much. I’m not a very formal Creature.” He smiled at the Wyvern, who returned a tentative smile.

“House duty requires respect to all guests and visitors, Banshee-San.”

“So... when you’re finished with house duty, you won’t have to call me ‘Banshee-San’?”

Toshi hesitated. “Um... I suppose not,” he answered slowly. He’d never thought about that before. Respect given was part of the duty; no one ever mentioned whether it carried on after. Well, beyond the respect shown by any well-mannered Wyvern, of course. Perhaps he should ask.

“Good,” nodded the Banshee firmly. “Because it really makes me nervous when people are always giving me titles I don’t deserve. ‘Chosen’ I guess is mine, since Heero gave it to me, but really I just prefer to be ‘Duo’. It’s my name, and I kind of like it.”

A few drops of rain splattered on the umbrella. Toshi bowed with a more adolescent grin. “As you have ordered, Duo Banshee-San.” He fled back to the house before Duo could reply.

The Banshee looked down at the koi who seemed to be smirking at him. “You know, Wyverns really are smart-asses,” he laughed.

Feeling much more relaxed, he closed his eyes and listened to the rain ‘tink’ down on the umbrella and the water of the pond. As scary as a roomful of Wyverns on a mission were, it now made him smile knowing that they were missioning over him. He couldn’t ever remember a time when anyone in his own Clan – outside of Shar, Caz and Teal – did something especially for him. Maybe the Wyverns would do this anyway, just to Know, as Giniro said, but they probably wouldn’t have even thought of it, if not for his confusion. So, it really was all his fault, and even though he found it embarrassing to be in the center of it, viewing the activity from the sidelines was just... well... heartwarming. And wasn’t he just being an idiot for being so back-and-forth about the whole thing. Just accept that they have a new mission and that you caused it, whispered his little voice. They love you, and this is how they show it.

Yeah. Dragons loved him... This time he giggled out loud.


He started and almost dropped the umbrella. “Heero!”

His own personal Dragon stood on the next rock, also holding an umbrella, and grinning at him.

“Shall we go before Sobo notices us?” he asked lightly, holding out his hand.

“No; I’m better now. There’s something about hanging out with the koi that puts things in perspective.” He grasped the offered hand and joined Heero on his rock, swinging his umbrella down and closed. Heero gathered him close in a one-armed hug and kissed him soundly. “Mmmm.... I’m sorry I scared everyone,” Duo said softly.

“Hn. As Q has pointed out to us, you have never gone anywhere dangerous, only to places that seem safe or at least out of the conflict zone, so I’m not sure ‘scared’ is the correct term. We were worried when the port Wizards couldn’t track you.” Heero did something magical and the umbrella levitated out of his hand to hover over them. He wrapped both arms around his Banshee. “We didn’t realize at first that you didn’t have your phone with you.”

Duo rested against him, head on his shoulder, Heero’s shaggy hair tickling his face. “From now on, I’m carrying the phone in my otherspace. And some money, too. What the fuck is wrong with Banshees that our clothing doesn’t have any pockets?!” he snickered.

Heero nuzzled his ear. “You know, Moira said the same thing... Shall we go home, angel?”


“Not yet!” They both jumped. The IchiBan regarded them from under her own invisible canopy. “This has been a very stressful week for Duo; he needs a vacation. So do you, Heero; jousting with a youkai is never relaxing. And certainly Kitsune Zephyrus has never had a reasonable bone in any of his bodies. I’ve arranged a weekend for you.”

Heero blinked. “Sobo, we can’t just run off whenever –“

“Don’t be obstructive, darling; I spoke with Q after Duo arrived. He thinks it’s a wonderful idea and says he doesn’t want to see either of you before Monday.”

“Sobo! We have jobs –“

“And very important they are, dear, but you cannot be at your best when you are stressed and anxious.” She patted Heero’s shoulder, smirking. “Your porter is waiting; she has plenty of experience.” She leaned in and kissed Duo’s cheek, winking at his consternation. “You will have a lovely time.” She hauled them both back to the grass. Duo looked back at the koi in the pond; they were snickering.

“Heero, the fish are giggling at us...”


“Chichiro will take you now; you’ll be just in time for lunch.” A youngish Asian Witch bowed to them and reached for Heero’s arm. “You will have a wonderful time, Heero. Give my regards to Ilioku.” She waggled her fingers, grinning at them, and then they vanished.

Duo blinked. They were standing on the steps of a... resort, it looked like. A building that seemed to grow right out of a lush tropical forest. The porter stepped away from them, bowed and then vanished, leaving them standing in the forecourt.

Heero swore. At least, Duo assumed he was swearing.

“Ah! Heero! Sorry; I didn’t expect you so quickly. Giniro was somewhat vague about the timing.” A lean, copper-haired male strode across the stone terrace to envelope the Wyvern in a brisk hug. “By Pele you’re looking wonderful! How is that child of mine doing? No trouble with him, I hope?”

“Of course not, Ilioku,” Heero began peevishly, “But we can’t stop here –“

“Of course you can! IchiBan has arranged everything! Three nights in the best cottage, right on the beach. I’ve already assigned the staff; everything you want or need is only a word away.” He left off hugging Heero, who was turning an alarming shade of red, and snatched up Duo’s hand, bowing low. “Duo of Blue Forest; it is an honor to meet you at last! May I say that the descriptions I have had of you do not do you justice! Heero, you are a very lucky Wyvern!” He slipped his arm through Duo’s and grabbed Heero, pulling them toward a path that led around the front of the building. “Come along now; I’m sure you’ll want to freshen up before lunch. Would you prefer the dining room or room service? There is a menu in the cottage, of course, but if there is anything you want that isn’t on the menu, just ask.”

Heero was still speechless with apoplectic fury and Duo had yet to catch up with everything when they came out of the foliage only a hundred meters from a black sand beach and the sparkling green ocean, a not-at-all small cottage their obvious destination.

The voluble male, Ilioku, was still talking. Heero looked near to self-destructing. Duo untangled his tongue to say, “Um, excuse me... Where are we?”

“Hawaii!” Ilioku laughed. “Didn’t Giniro tell you?”

“No... Actually, she just kind of hustled us off... Heero, are you okay?” The Wyvern seemed to be counting to ten, or maybe a thousand, in an effort to disarm his temper.

“I... I will be fine,” he ground out, glaring at the cottage.

“Of course you will be!” cried Ilioku. “Giniro said you needed a little time off; I heard about the youkai incident.” He turned suddenly to Duo, causing the Banshee to take a step back. “Ah, my manners! Thank you, Duo, for being there. Inazuma told me about what you did; amazing work.”

“I... huh?”

Heero growled and removed Ilioku’s hands from his arm and his Banshee's. “Duo, this is Ilioku; Ilioku is Inazuma’s father. This resort is on the large island of Hawaii; it is one of the businesses of Inazuma’s Clan.”

Ilioku beamed at them both. “We are currently number one on the list of magical resorts,” he proclaimed proudly. “We cater to Wizards and Magical Creatures of all sorts.”

Duo glanced back the way they’d come, taking in the sprawling buildings, the tiki-decorated walkways and impossibly-green tropical forest. “Wow...” He hooked one arm around his Wyvern’s waist and fluttered his lashes coyly. “Heero... if the IchiBan and Q insist... who are we to argue?” he grinned.

Heero heaved a resigned sigh, then smirked with a roll of his eyes. “All right, all right. Any one of you I could argue with, but all of you at once? Not bloody likely.” He waved a hand at Ilioku. “Lead on, innkeeper.”

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Date:January 27th, 2016 01:19 pm (UTC)
Heero's had a hard day, what with Farq and Zeph and not knowing where Duo had gone. He cranky and just needs a cuddle and a coffee. ^___^
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