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Spandex & Braids

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lavendarlizard @ 12:46 pm: Monday Chibi
Did it again, didn't I? Totally lost track of Chibi. *shakes head* Apparently my brain is still broken. *sigh* This is really short, but I've already made myself a note (sticky on the monitor) to be a little quicker with the next part. Okay, a *lot* quicker. ^___^

Chibi Problem 29

We parted then, and Berber and I headed home. I stopped at a drive-thru for a soda, offering Berber his choice from the menu. He was a little surprised, I think. Ruthie doesn’t cart her Chibis around the way I do mine, so they aren’t as accustomed to fast food as mine are. He finally chose a Sprite and we decided to share an order of fries.

It had taken a couple of days for Berber and his boys to get used to me being able to understand them. He still looked at me sometimes, as if he simply could not fathom carrying on a conversation with a human.

And sometimes the look said that he wished his own Mommie understood.

We were nearly home when he let out a soft “friiiieeend.” I looked down at him, tucked into the Chibi-seat.

“What’s up, Berb? Problem?”

He sighed heavily and chirruped a bit. He’d understood what Ruthie said about the house being gone. He and his boys had lost all the things that they had collected too. All the photos of their show triumphs, their trophies, their toys and favorite furniture…

“I know, sweetie,” I said softly. “It sucks to lose everything. But you’re all okay, Mommie will get better, and you’ll get a new house, with new things. The most important thing is that you guys are okay.” I reached out to pet him and he leaned into my touch, chirping.

He thanked me for taking them in, letting them share our home and disrupt our lives. I snorted, and informed him right back that I would be a poor sort of Chiber to *not* have taken them in.

We were both quiet for a bit, and then I asked if he understood that even when Ruthie came home from the hospital, she would still be healing. She would need help with little things, like cooking and eating and cleaning. Her hands would be sore for a long time.

Berber regarded me thoughtfully. How could they help her? his look clearly said.

“Ah, Berber; I’m glad you asked me that question…”

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Date:March 8th, 2016 01:52 am (UTC)
Berber is a special chibi. But then they all are. Glad they are taking so well to their new surroundings. Can't wait to hear the plans.
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Date:March 15th, 2016 12:43 am (UTC)
Berber is pretty unshakable; the fire was an unusual event for him and he wants to make up for being hysterical. ^__^
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