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Spandex & Braids LJ is a continuation of the original Gundam Wing Spandex & Braids yaoi board. Many of us have fond memories of posting there; the people we met and the fics we enjoyed. We hope that this new incarnation can continue the tradition of growth, development and fun that was the Original Spandex & Braids. The characters of Gundam Wing belong to their creators/owners; none of the GW ficcage appearing on this journal is for-profit.

Since the world has changed quite a bit in the last ten or so years, it is necessary to have rules. Therefore, we have rules. Sorry about that. Egregious violators will be dipped in sweet-and-sour and snacked upon.

Spandex & Braids Community Rules:

1. NO CHIBI-SEX. Any depiction of sex involving characters under the age of 14 will be removed. No warnings, no arguments, no whining. There are other places for that.

2. Any death-fics MUST BE CLEARLY LABELED AS SUCH. Again, no whining.

2.5. Labeling of fics is appreciated, but since the primary maintainer is lousy at labeling, we will not insist for general-audience fics. Feel free to make said maintainer look lazy. Lemon warnings are appreciated.

3. We would like to keep this as an open lj; please, no hard-core, dripping-details porn. If it qualifies as NC-17, it may be too graphic for our delicate sensibilities; when in doubt, please ask. And again, there are loads of dripping-detailed NC-17 places.

4. No gratuitous torture, please. Consensual ‘games’ are allowed up to a point. If it makes the Dragon gag, you’ve passed that point. Post it somewhere else, please.

5. Constructive criticism is encouraged; rudeness is not. See the sweet-and-sour warning above.

6. Spandex&Braids is primarily a 1x2x1 yaoi community, but any pairings are welcome. We will just cover our eyes and look away whenever Relena or Zechs show up.

7. This community WILL contain M/M sex, possibly F/F sex and maybe even M/F sex; if you do not approve of gay sex or if you are under the age of 15, please go away until you do/are. We are not responsible for your sex education; ask your parents.

8. Rules are subject to revision at the whim of the Dragon. Please check back occasionally.

9. Enjoy. ^__^
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